Robotic Materials Manufacturing Laboratory

Interfacing Mechanical Engineering with Materials Science

Robotic material systems are integrated hierarchies of multiple functional composite materials to tightly integrate sensing, actuation, and computation at the material scale.
The global behavior of a robotic material system, in response to designated stimuli, can be programmed by orchestrating each constituent in the composite material system.
Such programmable behavior of robotic material systems and their tight integration will open a new avenue of research in robotics, wearable electronics, and engineering structures.

Robotic Materials Manufacturing Laboratory is especially aimed at devising robotic material systems that allow for scalable, ecological, and low-cost manufacturing processes.
Manufacturing robotic material systems in a way conducive to their mass-production will grant the technological translation to the industrial realm, there by having a reaching impact to the society.

In the end, we will bridge the gap between Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and discover exciting scientific fundamentals.